Reusables You Should Consider

I've been thinking a lot about reducing waste. You know those people who put all of their rubbish in a tiny jar to show how everything else has been recycled, composted, or reused? I wanna be that person. Alas, I'm not. I'm still pretty unimpressive in terms of environmental awareness. But, you know me, I… Continue reading Reusables You Should Consider


Panic Attacks: What’s Happening to Me?! — Rosie Burns

Panic attacks are weird. I can’t remember my first one, but I can remember my first few. Everyone has their own version of a panic/anxiety attack. Often, the symptoms can lead you to believe that you are in danger, or that something is very wrong. That’s the point of a panic attack – it is […]… Continue reading Panic Attacks: What’s Happening to Me?! — Rosie Burns

Let’s Get Down To Business

I know you just started singing the song from Mulan. Me too. Those who follow me on instagram may have noticed that I've been having a little break lately. Not from everything but definitely from Pom Pom Paints. It was a really difficult decision to make. I even kept the store open on my wedding… Continue reading Let’s Get Down To Business

Simple Bedtime Routine

Can I just call this series "Getting My Shit Together"? Because that's what it is. I'm trying to take an honest, no nonsense approach to my sometimes ridiculous life. I've been living on this one phrase lately: Do your future self a favour  It's been helpful, mostly. Sometimes it's been like something taunting me. "Why… Continue reading Simple Bedtime Routine

Medication: It’s a Doozy.

I recently had to make a phone call to a doctor about my medication. It has become a sort of mundane task, now. I generally have to explain my feelings, along with my job situation, relationship status, whether or not I'm getting out enough, and how often I cry/have panic attacks/whatever else. I have a… Continue reading Medication: It’s a Doozy.

On Feeling Like a Fraud.

I recently had a weird epiphany that I can't believe I've never had before. Each week I go to the same place to be a counsellor, and I was trying to figure out why I always feel so out of place there. As a rule my confidence sits at a safe but low place. I… Continue reading On Feeling Like a Fraud.

A Free Planner for Everything

What is a home binder? I am an avid user of a home binder. I started using one when I realised I had no schedule for cleaning our home. Certain things would just get left undone and suddenly we'd realise we hadn't done it in FOREVER. I then ended up adding a weekly food planner… Continue reading A Free Planner for Everything

A FREE Printable For Every Occassion

I am a big fan of free printables, planners and checklists. I find organisation to be the most healthy and useful thing I can do myself. Working as a counsellor, running a small business and keeping a part time job going takes a lot of time, so being able to keep my home clean, keeping… Continue reading A FREE Printable For Every Occassion

A Week in the Life – Stress, coffee and painting.

Saturday: I have a four hour shift at the shop today. I still have a cold, I'm still tired, and I still haven't talked to Luke about my deadline on client hours coming up. I need to get quite a few more hours of counselling work in before the deadline or I miss the qualification,… Continue reading A Week in the Life – Stress, coffee and painting.

January Favourites

I just wanted to round up a few of my favourite things from January. It's not my favourite month, it's cold, there's no more Christmas and I felt pretty tired and ill for most of it. But I had a few lovely things to get me through, and I wanted to share them. Disclaimer that… Continue reading January Favourites