A New Pin Project

I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign!

What is it?
I want to make this design into a soft enamel pin. That’s the short version. The long version is that this message means a lot to me, and I think it might resonate with a lot of other people, too. I’m endlessly inspired by the quote, “Be the person you needed when you were young.” This is the message I needed, so I want to spread it. I want people to wear it and be reminded that loving themselves is GOOD. It’s really OKAY to be KIND TO YOURSELF. (The caps are absolutely necessary).


What will you get?
It depends on how much you’d like to pledge! I’m trying to offer a series of rewards that are all pretty cheap. But, basically, you can either get a printable, a glossy print, or the pin itself! (Or a combination of the three, because it’s nice to have choice.)

How does it work?
So, unless I get full funding for this project, it won’t go ahead. It’s an all or nothing kind of deal! I’d really love these pins to become a reality. I’d love for people to be able to wear this pin each day and remember that they need to take care of themselves, even in teensy ways.

If you’d like to have a look around my project, you can view it here! And if you’d like to ask questions or make a suggestion, feel free to comment below ❤



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