January Favourites

I just wanted to round up a few of my favourite things from January. It’s not my favourite month, it’s cold, there’s no more Christmas and I felt pretty tired and ill for most of it. But I had a few lovely things to get me through, and I wanted to share them. Disclaimer that some of these links are affiliate links πŸ™‚


Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink Henry Collection (Pack of 8) – I’ve owned a few different potted inks, but as soon as I used a single one of these I fell in love with them.


The way they water down and blend is beautiful, and I was so excited to get these for Christmas. Although they’re not intended for use with a pen, I love the way they look when used with a nib. This little pack has really cheered up my January, and I’ve loved playing with them.

Busy B 2018 Perfect Planner Diary – I can’t seem to cope without a planner. I have a small Filofax Finsbury which is handy for carrying around, but this Busy B 2018 planner is amazing. I love Busy B, and I used their wedding planner to help me keep on top of wedding bits and pieces last year. But this thing is another level of helpful. It has a birthday planner, year planner, week over two pages planner, finance tracker, tear out to do lists and pretty stickers. It’s a lot of good stuff squeezed into one planner, and so far I am loving it. It helps that it’s a gorgeous colour scheme, too!

L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturiser for Normal to Combination Skin, 70 ml – I don’t get on very well with moisturisers thanks to my combination skin. It’s super sensitive but also really oily, and moisturisers can either be way too thick and greasy or not moisturising enough.


I bought this with my Boots Advantage Cards points, so it was basically a freebie. I was dubious at first because it melted right into my skin, so I thought it wasn’t doing enough. But it’s been great. It doesn’t sit on the skin, it sinks in, and leaves you feeling ‘just’ moisturised for the rest of the day. I get super dry skin in cold weather so it’s been a great way to beat that this month.

Viridi – This is an arguably pointless app in which you water succulents in order to keep them alive. It sounds really simple and stupid (and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea), but I have been using it really regularly.Β IMG_3588I open the app, let the calm music play, and click on each plant I want to water. As you water them, they bloom and perk up a little, and they grow in real time. It’s incredibly simple but it’s saved me from overthinking and anxiety on the bus, in checkout lines, and at 2am during a sleepless night. It’s such a nice (if odd) thing to have on my phone.

Veganuary – I decided to give Veganuary a go this month. I largely eat a vegetarian diet anyway, and I’ve been interested in going vegan but always felt insistent I couldn’t give up chocolate or cheese. But, except for visiting my mum and eating a roast dinner (bit tricky to not eat your own mum’s roast dinner!) it’s been really fine.


Dark chocolate is tasty, I’ve learned to double check packets, and we’ve been doing a lot more cooking from scratch. I did it for ethical reasons, so I can’t tell you if I’ve lost or gained weight, but I can tell you I’ve felt good and that I’ve just about tripled my intake of fruits and vegetables. I’m pretty sure I’m going to continue to the best of my ability — although I know sooner or later I’ll end up eating something non vegan, I don’t expect myself to be perfect at it. Is casual veganism a thing?


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