A FREE Printable For Every Occassion

I am a big fan of free printables, planners and checklists. I find organisation to be the most healthy and useful thing I can do myself. Working as a counsellor, running a small business and keeping a part time job going takes a lot of time, so being able to keep my home clean, keeping the food stocked up and making time for fun is tricky. That’s probably why I’ve come to depend on resources like this to keep me sane and productive. I know when tasks are being completed, and it helps me feel laid back during free time.

I want to share some free resources I’ve used to keep all aspects of my life in order – if you want to keep an eye on my growing list of printables, follow me on Pinterest where I’m constantly pinning printables, organisation tips and pretty things.

Blogging/Social Media/Small Biz

These are printables I’ve used to help me keep on top of running Pom Pom Paints, including the blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, shop and taxes.

Blogging Planner – an extensive planner to help with building and planning for your blog.
Ultimate Girl Boss Planner – I’m a sucker for blush & florals and this planner is open enough that you can use to help keep track of ideas and plans for your small business.
Six Month Goal Reviews – Because constantly assessing, looking forward and reviewing goals is essential when keeping a business going.

Home & Family

I moved into my own place at 19, and it’s taken me years to understand what it takes to make it feel like a home, and to keep on top of keeping things clean and tidy. I also need help with tracking things like appointments, bills and contacts.  Trust me, I need printables like these to keep me in order.

Home Organisation PrintablesThis is an intense amount of planning for everything you can think of around the home. It’s definitely built around families, but in my home it’s just me, Luke and the degu, and I love planners like this that include everything.
Cleaning Checklist CardsI used to use these every week, because they were such a convenient way of tracking what had been done and what still needed doing.
Cleaning Schedule Checklist – This is great because you can add your own tasks, so it’s a more personal, flexible checklist.
Weekly Menu & Shopping List – Menu planning is something I dip in and out of, but it’s great if you’re on a budget or if you want to avoid getting stuck in a rut with food.

Daily Routine & Self Care

As everyone knows, I value self care, and a part of that is keeping an eye on your daily routine and making the time for it.

Morning Routine Checklist – For differentiating between the essential and the self-care, and adding little bits of self-care into your morning routine.
Weekly Self Care – A flexible way of keeping an eye on your self-care routine each week.
Weekly To-Do List – This is a nice straight forward way of seeing your week at a glance. It’s great to leave on your desk or on the fridge and jotting down things as you think of them. Bonus points for the reminder to drink more water!

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