A Free Planner for Everything

What is a home binder?

I am an avid user of a home binder. I started using one when I realised I had no schedule for cleaning our home. Certain things would just get left undone and suddenly we’d realise we hadn’t done it in FOREVER. I then ended up adding a weekly food planner and shopping list when I wanted to get a better hold of our finances. I wanted to know what and when we were eating certain things so that I could stop throwing food away and stop spending money on random stuff at the supermarket because I was hungry shopping.


Then I started Pom Pom Paints, and a counselling course, and suddenly I needed a daily to-do list and reminders and I couldn’t remember anything unless I had somewhere to write it down. So having a binder that we kept at home that I filled with stuff proved to be incredibly useful. For a long time, I’ve been quietly making my own little printables and using them, but never putting in the effort to make them pretty, or to make sure they include everything I need. But recently, I’ve done just that, and I want to share it with you guys!

A lot of the printable planners I’ve downloaded are built around having kids and keeping a home. As a small business owner with a job on the side, a counsellor in training and somebody who doesn’t have any kids, I needed something a little bit more me, so I made it! That’s why I’ve included things like a mental health tracker – because keeping an eye on how I’m doing mentally is really important to me.

What’s included in the planner?

I wanted to put together a planner that I could print off and put into my binder that would include pretty much everything I need.

  • Daily Agenda – your priorities, schedule, a quick checklist and a water intake tracker
  • Weekly Agenda – Including your main goals as well as your main focus for each day
  • Basic info – Things you need to hand such as your  wifi password, spouse’s phone number, etc.
  • Important dates and birthdays 
  • Mood Tracker – A colour coded undated calendar to track your mood patterns, and understand what affects them
  • Social Media Planner – Perfect for checking off and planning where to post what each week, with space to note your ma
    in goals for the week (eg. what to promote)
  • Weekly Menu – With space for a shopping list so that you know what you need to pick up for the week
  • Cleaning Schedule – A daily, weekly and monthly checklist to keep an eye on what you’ve done and what still needs doing
  • Contacts – To note peoples addresses, ages, emails and numbers all in one space.
  • Expenses Tracker – A simple way to note expenses and their details as you go through the month. Attaching receipts
  • can really help you through tax season, too!
  • Medical Info – Things like your GP’s name (I can’t be the only one who forgets mine!) and surgery address, your blood type, allergies and medications inc. dosage

It’s a fairly comprehensive printable, and it includes all the information I need in one place. I’m finding it useful, and if you think you would find it useful, too, just sign up below to receive your free copy!


Get yours for free

Just sign up to the Pom Pom Paints newsletter here, and you’ll instantly receive your free printable planner. Don’t worry – I think spam is gross and send out an email about once a fortnight with special offers, free printables or blog updates, no icky spam!


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