A Free Planner for Everything

What is a home binder? I am an avid user of a home binder. I started using one when I realised I had no schedule for cleaning our home. Certain things would just get left undone and suddenly we'd realise we hadn't done it in FOREVER. I then ended up adding a weekly food planner… Continue reading A Free Planner for Everything


A FREE Printable For Every Occassion

I am a big fan of free printables, planners and checklists. I find organisation to be the most healthy and useful thing I can do myself. Working as a counsellor, running a small business and keeping a part time job going takes a lot of time, so being able to keep my home clean, keeping… Continue reading A FREE Printable For Every Occassion

Self Care Morning Routine & Free Checklist Printable

Self care is something I'll harp on to anyone about.  Love yourself! Cuddle yourself! Buy yourself presents and throw yourself a party! But self care is, I guess, a little bit more boring than all that.  In order for it to be effective every day, we need to practice it every day. If you're like me,… Continue reading Self Care Morning Routine & Free Checklist Printable